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 Field 51 at Westpoint!

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PostSubject: Field 51 at Westpoint!   Tue Aug 28, 2012 6:42 pm

Team 51 will be making the trip down to Westpoint, New York again for the fall season.The announced date is October 20th, and It's the perfect way to wrap up the season with a target rich environment! It is a 2 day scenario. We leave friday morning. The scenario ends at 4:30pm each day, with play on saturday and sunday. We leave sunday and usually arrive home at 11pm sunday night. Meet us there for some great fun.

The field is a stretch of woods next to Lake Fredrick, near where the cadets are housed. The entire event is hosted, reffed, and formulated by the Cadets on base, and they haven't failed to deliver yet. It is a scenario game, which means points are always an option, but like I said before, who can pass up a target rich environment? Fall Westpoint usually draws a crowd of about 400 people, and they come from all walks of life, from stock class to speedball, they are all there.

Travel Options:
The Team will be renting a 15 passenger van to make the trip, with each of us paying our share. To come to this event, you will have to plan a ride down with others that are interested. WE ARE PLANNING OUR TRIP, AT THIS TIME, YOU MUST PLAN YOURS. If enough people are interested, we may look into a bigger vehicle and divide it up, but that will require quite a few people. I can't stress this enough. We are going down, you can meet us there, we aren't your adult supervision, and we aren't riding down with others. We as a team will go, everyone else is going to need to formulate a mode of transportation, sleeping options, food for the weekend, camping supplies, etc. I am simply arming you with information. Do with it what you will!


If you preregister (most of us do) it is typically $40, if you do not, it is typically $50. Preregistering doesn't cost anything, so why not?

Choice of 2 kinds of paint, low end and high end, and its been RPS both years. Low end = $60 or High end = $65. *They don't announce what you are getting, so do not preorder paint, you may not get what you are expecting.* I bought a single case last year and played as I normally do, making each shot count, not shooting at leaves. Expect to pay according to how you play.

Travel Cost:
I paid about $115 last year to pay my share of the van, which included gas, miles, extra miles, and insurance. It would be much cheaper to bring a smaller car if possible, because it gets better gas, you won't need to rent it, and you have no limit on miles. So, If you have a team of 3, maybe 4, think about a compact car. This is a lot of money, so please, plan accordingly before you jump at the opportunity.

Extra Cash:
Always good to have, I brought an extra $100 last year, simply because if I did shoot more than a case, I knew I'd have some extra money for another. As with all scenarios, there is a raffle drawing at the end of day 2! Plan accordingly moneywise for buying extra raffle tickets or if you plan on haggling a winner. Some kid got a mini two years ago, didn't look thrilled. I wish I had an $100 bill in my pocket to make him happy!

Total: ~$215 if you preregister and buy cheaper paint. *Without bringing extra money*

Did I miss anything?

If you are going, Post up AND send a Private Message (PM) to me. This way you all can arrange car pools and I will personally know who is committed. I will be willing to answer any questions you might have.

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PostSubject: Re: Field 51 at Westpoint!   Tue Aug 28, 2012 7:44 pm

Have Fun!

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Posts : 80
Join date : 2012-03-12
Age : 25
Location : Gorham

PostSubject: Re: Field 51 at Westpoint!   Mon Sep 03, 2012 10:35 am

back up!
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PostSubject: Re: Field 51 at Westpoint!   

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Field 51 at Westpoint!
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