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 Amazing People (Creep Show)

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PostSubject: Amazing People (Creep Show)   Mon Oct 29, 2012 10:47 am

This was originally posted on, but i would like to share here as well.

"I have been around the PB scene for around 10 years, and have met some great people.
There is special bond that most PB players share regardless of their ability, how often they play, or what equipment they use.

Normally I would not begin a topic in such a touchy feely way, but an event that took place this weekend at Field51's Creep Show 2012, just reinforces everything I just said above.

First let me setup the even a little with some background information.
I was an avid play back in H.S. and College. I have not played for some years.
My nephew, who's father is currently on deployment in Afghanistan, went to a camp this summer for youths who parents are in the military (ironically his father was one of the few deployed).
He had the opportunity to play at camp an fell in love with it. He knew that in the past I had played, so he asked me if i would take him.
So I dug out my gear, blow'd off the dust, and cleaned everything.
I did a little research on which fields in Maine were still open, and checked the dates for WOPD.
It just so happened the Field51 had a walk on day on his Birthday (which was on a Wednesday which make it even more amazing).
He had an amazing time and the crew at Field51 was great.

Fast forward...
We had played a few more time at Fileds51, including a private event for the Lewiston High School Football Team.

Creep Show was fantastic, and it reminded me of why i enjoyed the sport so much.
My Nephew had a blast, and I am pretty sure he is now a lifer....

The point of my tirade above.
At the end of the game there was a raffle for miscellaneous items.
My nephews ticken number was the first on called an he got himself a nice 4+7 Valken Exile Pod pack.
I would say that in itself is very nice prize for a kid who is just starting to build his equipment horde Shocked
After was all said and done, there were hats, squeegees, shirts, and the Grand Prize a Brand New Tippmann FT-12
Ram0032 (Don;t want to use his real name, but most everyone knows him), won the Tippmann.
I told my nephew to see if "ram" needed a pod pack, and maybe he could make a deal for the gun.

"ram" then proceeded to hand the box to my nephew, and said "Here I was going to give it to you anyways"
My nephew stood there in disbelief, thinking this was some kind of joke.
I mean who in there right mind would just give a brand new $120.00 maker to someone in which they had no obligation to, and ask for nothing in return...

Needless to say my nephew is ecstatic, and would not stop talking the whole way home.

In my experiences, people like "ram" are far and few in between, and I send my utmost appreciation, and thank you to very stand up young man.
I cannot begin to describe the way you made a 13yo extremely happy.

I say this to anyone and everyone who cares, the generosity that "ram" showed is a key indication of not only his personal character, but also the PB communities.

Again thank you, and I hope to repay the favor."
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PostSubject: Re: Amazing People (Creep Show)   Mon Oct 29, 2012 11:42 am

Nice job Ram0032 Exclamation cheers
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Age : 23

PostSubject: Re: Amazing People (Creep Show)   Mon Oct 29, 2012 1:41 pm

I went up to him right after this happened, and congratulated him on his generosity. He shrugged it off and said "It was the right thing to do." You've set up field51 to be proud ram, thanks.
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Moving Target


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PostSubject: Re: Amazing People (Creep Show)   Mon Oct 29, 2012 2:36 pm

Atta boy ram.

Stories like this just make me miss the field even more
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Age : 25
Location : 1 minute from the field.

PostSubject: Re: Amazing People (Creep Show)   Mon Oct 29, 2012 3:44 pm

As I said on I'm glad he is happy and I hope he plays more paintball!
(If you didn't know already, I'm Ram0032 on Mainepb. Norm changed my username to peaches when I was dubbed with the name peaches by mouth..)
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PostSubject: Re: Amazing People (Creep Show)   Tue Oct 30, 2012 1:45 pm

I agree i was sanding beside them when he gave him the gun and he has alot of respect from me
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PostSubject: Re: Amazing People (Creep Show)   

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Amazing People (Creep Show)
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