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PostSubject: Special-Ops Escort   Special-Ops Escort I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 07, 2009 7:24 pm

We ran this the other weekend when we were reffing for the Boy Scouts, and it was REALLY awesome!

This works best when there's a lot of new players and not many regulars on any given day.

Here's what we did:

There was about 20 Boy Scouts and a few Dads, They offered to buy pizza for the refs if THREE referees could successfully escort one of their dads across the field, with no time limit, versus 20+ enemies. Of course, we weren't gonna' turn down an offer like that! Stephan, MudWiesel, and Myself geared up and started at the fuel depot. (Don't worry norm, Scott and Seth were still reffing!) Our objective was to escort one of the dads into the church, with only one respawn each. HOWEVER, the 20+ boyscouts had unlimited respawns near the spaceship!

Surprisingly, it went really well. After about 20 minutes, the 4 of us were hunkered down on the near woods waaay down by the tape line behind the church, still in the woods. The only reason they won was because the dads rental broke down, and I ran out of paint! Stephan gave his gun to the dad when stephan got shot, but the dad couldn't figure out how to turn on stephans SP1 or something like that...But it was still fun! Close game! I managed to surrender 4 people with no paint!

The concept is great, and it was a ton of fun.

The only problem is that this wouldn't work with any 4 people versus 20. So, It'd have to be an elite team, probably made up of mostly regulars versus a bunch of new people, or something along those lines. It was probably the best game I've played at Field51, we should consider trying to pull it off again sometime....
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