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 help? cyclone feed issue

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PostSubject: help? cyclone feed issue   help? cyclone feed issue I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 14, 2009 6:41 am

i have an x7 and the cyclone feed is messed up... i don't really know what is wrong can someone help me out ... if you know a good shop to bring it to or tips for a fix either would be appreciated. essentially it isn't spinning balls into the chamber when i fire it worked well up till the end of last season and i was pushing the piston to force a ball into the chamber
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PostSubject: response trigger and cyclone not cycling   help? cyclone feed issue I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 14, 2009 8:01 am

I have not played around with the X7, but here is what I found looking around. Hope it helps.

If this doesn't help bring it to the field after we open and we can take a look at it.


Re: response trigger and cyclone not cycling


Originally Posted by RAGE
I was having the same problem. i got my x7 stock with the RT already on. after a few times playing right in the middle of a game it stopped cycling. I checked and it was the ratchet. i ordered a new aftermarket ratchet set w/ the rod off ebay. put it in and tried it but it still was not cycling without manually doing it. i cut the spring a ring and white greased it and barely tightened the screws, yea tried everything i read on here and it works a lot better buy still skips a cycle too often. i'm going to try and clean out the lines and check the banjo fittings see if that will help any. and I'll get back later tonight. I'LL GET IT!!! ha second posting here thank you!!!

I had the same exact problem just 2 days ago....but worse cause it just would not spin at all.

It is not 1 specific thing that is causing your problem.

What I did to get it working perfectly was:
switch the banjo fitting to the top hole on the x7.

Took off about 75% of the grease that I had put after changing to the new ratchet. I guess Grease is just too thick for the cyclone.

I loosened ALL of the screws on the cyclone (even the one holding down the paddles.

Most important of all (cause after I did this it worked like a charm): I got a spring from a cheap "clicky" ball point pen, and used that as the spring that goes inside the actual ratchet. The stock spring looked to sturdy and not flimsy enough....and the one from the pen was nice and flexible.

OH yeah.....don't expect it to work the first time you shoot. I suggest that you manually turn the cyclone paddles (not push the ratchet arm) all crazy to get the grease kickin' so that it "wears in". Do that before you try it out.
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help? cyclone feed issue
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